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photo: Creative Commons / Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Two competing payday loan stores stand on the corners of an intersection in south Los Angeles. An area of persistent poverty, south LA is also a banking desert where payday lenders fill the gap. Long lines form inside the stores on the first of the month, when rent is due. Guillermina Molina, a...
photo: AP / Ben Curtis, File
On the occasion of the thirty-year anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, The Economist featured an article about the efforts made by the current leader, Paul Kagame, to help the country overcome the trauma of the genocide. In Rwanda, there are three ethnic groups: the Hutu (85%), the Tutsi...
photo: Creative Commons
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- For the first time in Gallup polling since 2001, a majority of U.S. adults, 57%, say they would feel better if they got more sleep, while 42% say they get as much sleep as they need. This is nearly a reversal of the figures last measured in 2013, when 56% of Americans got the...
photo: AP / Lois Bernstein, Pool
OJ Simpson’s former sports agent says he confessed to his ex-wife’s murder while high on a cocktail of drugs and drink. The sportsman turned actor, who died on April 10, aged 76, from prostate cancer, avoided jail in 1995 when he was cleared in criminal court of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole...
photo: Creative Commons / International Criminal Court
Since its inception, the project of international criminal justice has been marked by a striking indifference to the long historical record of atrocities perpetrated by the Western world against people of the Global South, and Africa in particular. More recent attempts to construct an ostensibly...
photo: AP / Abdel Kareem Hana
No victims, very little damage, over 90% of drones intercepted. Iran’s attack on Israel was a mighty show of force of Israeli defense, a blessing in disguise. US President Joe Biden wanted Israel to call off further retaliations, and Israel complied. There might have been backdoor talks between...
photo: Creative Commons
As global geopolitical tensions escalate, the cryptocurrency market finds itself in a precarious position, with Bitcoin, the flagship digital asset, facing a significant test of its resilience. MicroStrategy co-founder Michael Saylor’s recent remarks on the potential benefits of chaos for...
photo: Creative Commons
The price of Dogecoin has been experiencing a significant amount of bearish pressure in the past few days. This recent decline coincides with a general market downturn, which has seen other large-cap assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum tumble with notable losses. However, the meme coin’s price might...
photo: Creative Commons / Unsplash/ Claudia van Zyl
This article first appeared in Issue 18 of our digital magazine CURIOUS. In 2011, a UK survey asked the public a simple question: would you like to live forever? More than five out of every six people said no. Advertisement Turn it around, though, and the opposite is equally off-putting: do...
photo: AP / Susan Walsh
By Stavroula Pabst / Responsible Statecraft Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX recently secured a classified contract to build an extensive network of “spy satellites” for an undisclosed U.S. intelligence agency, with one source telling Reuters that “no one can hide” under the prospective network’s...

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photo: Creative Commons / Zeynel Cebeci/
A morning view of Lake Geneva from Place d'Armes in Cully, Switzerland. 22 June 2011.

Swiss climate policy in spotlight after court ruling

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photo: ESA/Hubble & NASA, J. Dalcanton, Dark Energy Survey/DOE/FNAL/DECam/CTIO/NOIRLab/NSF/AURA; Acknowledgement: L. Shatz
Hubble Spots a Galaxy Hidden in a Dark Cloud

Hubble spots a bright galaxy peering out from behind a dark nebula

Digital Trends | 2024-04-15
photo: NASA / Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Center/Chandra X-Ray Center
The first detection of Pluto in X-rays has been made using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory

NASA budget woes could doom $2 billion Chandra space telescope

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photo: Creative Commons / Quoique
Container gantry detail and loading of a ship in the deep water port of Yangshan, Shanghai, China

The myth of Chinese overcapacity

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photo: Creative Commons / Satheesh Sankaran
Holding Bitcoin cryptocurrency coin in hand. Stock photography by Satheesh Sankaran

Breaking: Hong Kong Regulator SFC Approves Spot Bitcoin ETF and Ethereum ETF

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photo: Creative Commons / Marco Verch
Man charging his electric car Tesla Model 3 with type 2 connector

Are EVs the future or merely a niche market?

Asiatimes | 2024-04-15