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photo: AP / Chris Carlson
Elon Musk. Ebrahim Noroozi/APGlass Lewis has advised Tesla shareholders to vote against Elon Musk's $56 billion pay package.The proxy advisor also urged them to reject a proposal to reincorporate the EV maker in Texas.Glass Lewis said in a report that the share options deal was of "excessive size"...
photo: AP / David Zalubowski
BengaluruProxy advisory firm Glass Lewis has urged Tesla shareholders to reject a $56bn pay package for CEO Elon Musk, which if passed would be the largest pay package for a CEO in corporate America. A Glass Lewis report cited reasons like the “excessive size” of the pay deal, the dilutive effect...
photo: AP / Justin Tallis/Pool via AP
In his first major policy announcement of the election campaign, Rishi Sunak has vowed to bring back National Service for 18-year-olds to create a “renewed sense of pride in our country”. Under the mandatory scheme, school leavers would have to either enrol on a 12-month military placement or...
photo: AP / Tom Gannam
I've heard a lot of noise in the news and on pundits' minds about the threat to democracy posed by the "orange man." Just about every Sunday in the Wisconsin State Journal, someone writes a letter to the editor about this ominous threat, as if the demise of democracy is imminent if we elect Donald...
photo: AP / Alex Brandon
The U.S. Supreme Court suffered yet another controversy when the New York Times, on May 22, reported that properties owned by far-right Justice Samuel Alito displayed not one but two flags that could be interpreted as sympathetic to the "Stop the Steal" movement and former President Donald Trump's...
photo: Creative Commons / Emma Kaden
Two presidents have never debated before. And neither of these two presidents has debated anyone in almost four years — not since the last time they faced each other. Both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are confident they can take the other down in next month’s CNN debate,...
photo: Yury Kochetkov/Pool Photo via AP
MOSCOW: The King of Bahrain on Thursday invited Russia to a Middle East peace conference to be held in Bahrain, the Interfax news agency reported. King Hamad bin Eisa Al Khalifa is on an official visit to Russia and is holding talks with President Vladimir Putin. Get exclusive content with Gulf News...
photo: Creative Commons
The cryptocurrency market is abuzz with excitement as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) initiates discussions on the S-1 registration for Ethereum ETFs. The recent discussions over the potential approval of the investment instrument have fueled optimism, causing Ethereum prices and...
photo: AP / Ng Han Guan
In Brussels and Washington, debate is ongoing about how best to revive shipbuilding as fears grow about the dominant position China has in the sector. The People’s Republic now commands more than 50% of the global merchant ship orderbook, while its naval shipbuilding output dwarfs any other nation....
photo: Creative Commons
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Fifty-four percent of Americans identify as part of the middle class, including 39% who say they are “middle class” and 15% “upper-middle class.” Another 31% consider themselves “working class” and 12% “lower class.” Just 2% of U.S....

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photo: Creative Commons / yeowatzup from Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany
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